Typhoon Haiyan – the impact and our response

The biggest typhoon ever hit the Islands of the Philippines before Christmas 2013 killing thousands but leaving many many more with people and their livelihoods affected into the far distant future. We publish some pictures of the devastation in Tacloban City and Leyte to illustrate just what hundreds of thousands of Philippino people are suffering and will continue to suffer. The devastation was so great that help in many forms will be needed for years to come. Some of the victims were relatives of our people in Kanlungan and Potter's Hand and difficulties with transport to the area they have had only a limited capacity to help. Please remember them – and all the victims of this tragedy – in your prayers. We will try to keep you informed of progress as we get information. The following are pictures which tell their own story. These are pictures from TACLOBAN.  Children are looking after siblings when parents were killed; The Church continues its work despite the loss of the roof;  Many thousands of homes were totally destroyed; a man searches for his family but finds them all dead under the ship; over a thousand bodies werer found in one locality and many  improvised cemetaries were set up.

Sol says: The victims need a lot of prayers to cope and for the gvernment to do a fast job of reconstructing and rehabilitating the area, rebuilding lives and to be rid of all corruption for all the funds received for the typhoon victims. 

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