Who are we?

Dorcas (Wessex) Trust is a Christian organisation set up in 2004 to support street families and other disadvantaged children in and around Manila, Philippines. Based in Dorchester, Dorset, UK it is registered with the Charities Commission number 1106511.

The Trust has six trustees who come from several churches in Dorset. The picture shows them at their Annual General Meeting (and dinner!). From the left they are: Pam Tiller, Roger Carlton (Chairman), Graham Stevens (Founder of the Trust), Jonathan Greening, Anne Fell and Peter Johnston.

Trustees of Dorcas (Wessex) Trust

All our activities are funded by donations from individuals churches and other groups interested in the welfare of these disadvantaged people.

It was started by Graham Stevens in 2003. He had first visited Manila in 2001 when he had been introduced to and supported several organisations  whose staff were working for the improvement of the lives of many individuals and families living in poverty. Many had been excluded from society and had suffered at the hands of individuals or society in general. The aim of the work is to give such people a hand up towards a better life and to lead them towards faith in Jesus Christ. The organisations are run locally by Filipino Christians linked with the local Christian Churches.