How you can help

Supporting Kanlungan and Potter's Hand.


Our aim: 

 Acts 9.36 tells us that Dorcas was a disciple who was always doing good and helping the poor. That is what we are hoping to do with your help – to help those whose circumstances are so difficult that they have no way of helping themselves – and in doing so to bring them to a knowledge of the love of Jesus for them.

Our main regular support is for the salaries and running costs of the two organisations – Kanlungan and Potter's Hand. In addition we have, from time to time, provided capital sums to enable them to purchase houses and a farm to help them extend the work they do.

How much does the help we give cost?

Kanlungan has around forty paid staff but Potter's Hand has around seven. The bill for salaries for these staff is around £4500 per month and , according to Philippines tradition, each employee receives a 'thirteenth month' salary at Christmas.  We also provide medical insurance cover for the staff. We need to raise around £50,000 each year for these costs alone. Kanlungan has additional sponsors in Philippines and other western countries but Potter's Hand has no additional donors and relies entirely on Dorcas (Wessex) Trust for its income. 

Sometimes the Organisations have specific projects for which they need funds and we help with these if we can and if we believe them to be appropriate. We may make specific appeals for funds for these after we have evaluated them. 

You can give money to the Trust

All the money that you give, whether for the general work of the Trust or for specific projects, goes straight to the organisations in the Philippines. The administration costs are covered independently from the donations to the Trust. 

Cheques should be made payable to Dorcas (Wessex) Trust and sent to Graham Stevens (Address is on the Contact Us page). Gift Aid can be arranged so that we can reclaim tax on your gift.

If you wish you can also give regularly by Standing Order. Please contact Graham Stevens for the necessary forms.

You could host a meeting

If you want to hear about the work of the trust in more detail Graham Stevens is available to speak to your group or Church.  Sometimes other people who have visited Manila with Dorcas (Wessex) Trust or Dorcas Trustees are willing to talk to groups or Churches. If you would like a speaker from Dorcas contact Graham Stevens for more information. 

You can pray

All the work of the Trust is underpinned by the prayer of its supporters and without it the work would not be possible. Even if you can do nothing else you would be an invaluable part of the team dedicated to supporting the people we serve.