Help given by Dorcas (Wessex) Trust since it was set up in 2005

Dorcas (Wessex) Trust was set up in 2005 and initially supported four Christian ministries to some of the most deprived people of Manila and the tribal peoples of Mindoro Island. Since 2008 we have concentrated on helping two main organisations – Kanlungan sa Erma and Potter'sHand.  Those they serve are the poorest, most deprived people of the city, often pavement-dwellers and most of the children have been abused, abandoned or orphaned. The staff are all Christians who try to live out their faith through serving the poor and most needy and often go without themselves rather than see  their clients suffer.

Neither of these Christian organisations we are linked with get any government support for the work they do and depend entirely on overseas charitable giving . To enable their Christian outreach to the poor and disadvantaged in the Philppines we have been able to do the following with your gifts:

Typhoon Haiyan – From December 2013 we have passed on donations from Dorcas supporters for relief of suffering of people affected by the devastating effects of the typhoon. Please see the page on this website dedicated to the impact of the storm 


To the present time Dorcas (Wessex) Trust has given around £150,000 to Kanlungan for the following purposes:

  1. Salaries and running costs of the 5 centres which make up the Kanlungan Sa Erma Ministry.
    There are around 25 staff and 100 children of whom around 25 are permanently resident in their children's home.
  2. Support for around 100 street families who live around their Centres.
  3. Purchase of 5 acres of farm land where they grow fruit (coffee, mangoes, bananas, coconuts etc) and vegetables. We have provided money to buy seed to grow vegetables.
  4. On the farm we have enabled the building of the David Greening Centre which is a multi-purpose building which can function as a meeting room, a recreation hall and a place to prepare and cook food.
  5. Purchase of a new home for the Kanlungan Centre with residential facilities for 25 children and office accommodation. Dorcas (Wessex) Trust has paid over £78,000 – the bulk of the cost of this building. (Picture on left)
  6. We have provided the funds for a residential unit for the farmboys to live in (right)  and have built a basketball court for their recreation.
  7. Visits have been made twice a year or more to encourage and support the leaders, workers, supported families and children of Kanlungan.


Kanlungan new house

Farm accommodation


Potter's Hand


Dorcas (Wessex) Trust has provided a total of around £63,000 to the Potter's Hand ministry and we are their only source of funds.

  1. We have helped them to become a registered charity.
  2. To gain recognition from the Social Work Department for their work with the very poor families in the Pateros suburb of Manila they need a full-time trained Social Worker. We are covering the cost for the training for one of their staff to take up this role.
  3. We have covered the costs of their rented base from which they operate and enable the entirely volunteer staff fulfil their ministry.
  4. We provide the funds to enable 19 children to go to school who would otherwise not be able to do so.
  5. We have provided money for feeding, medicines and transport to facilitate their work.
  6. We have provided £29,000 for them to buy a property for use as a base and office for their work.
  7. We gave them emergency relief funds to support those badly affected by the floods in September 2009.

THANK YOU to all who shared in this work, by prayer or gifts – you have made a difference to the lives of many people.